Thursday, October 30, 2014

Does Anyone Blog Anymore. . .

I never would have thought that the blogosphere was a passing fad.

When I first started this blog, it was an outlet for my thoughts and a place to etch my passage of time.

I figured that I would be able in the future to sit back and re-read my presence of mind in times past and see how my view had changed.

Now it appears as if I'll have a few years worth of that to sift through instead!!

It seems that our RIGHT NOW mentality that we've been conditioned with through social media has completely replaced all serious thoughts. . .

We get a short burst out of Twitter - which I hardly ever use myself but do read. . .  and a slightly longer Facebook outburst of nothingness. 

Well, I will say that Facebook allows me to keep in touch with what is going on - it truly is the "coconut telegraph" at the current time.  I find out what bands are playing where and who's doing what - whose birthday it is and all kinds of other info.

I can't imagine that Mr. Zuckerberg ever thought that would be what his college hook-up site would become!!  The kids have pretty much abandoned Facebook because their parents are on it!!

Turn about is fair play I reckon.

But I do miss the deeper impact of blogging. . . . and it's nobody's fault by my own!



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