Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oxford Town

Here is the beautiful bed and breakfast we stayed at in Oxford Town:

And here is the room where all the "magic" happened!!

Once again, my most beautiful wife gave me another amazing Valentine's Day gift.....

A secluded night at a Bed and Breakfast way out in the country where the screams could not be heard by the innocent bystanders!

We went to a B&B just outside of Oxford, MS called Castle Hill.

This place was beautiful and looked as if it were a Greek Revival Manor from back in the day......but it turns out that these rich folks built it in 2003 so they could get resort status and serve alcohol on Sundays in Lafayette County.

Not the worst reason to spend several million bucks (if you got it!).

It was a very lovely place and it was very quiet (except for the screams) and I had a great time spending some alone-time with the woman that cranks my tractor.

I have only been to Oxford once in my life and that was back in my college days for a football game that us Eagles got talked into going up there to play.

Of course, in my defense, if you've ever been to Oxford you realize that the it's not the kind of place that you'd ever pass through going anywhere. It is literally in the middle of NOWHERE.

But we tooled around the campus and saw all the lovely old houses and such.

And as bad as I HATE, Hate, hate Ole Miss......one has to admit that it is a very charming place.

It is everything that USM is not and I guess that's why we hate them so much. Well, that and the fact that they have treated us like poor cousins since time began even when we were kicking their asses with regularity.

And truthfully, it is a cool place.

But it's one that I have crossed off my list and I don't see a reason to ever go back (unless they agree to play us in football ever again)!

So thank you baby. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for saying "yes" whenver I ask. Thank you for putting up with all my crazy shit. Thank you for not screaming too loudly!!

I love you madly.

Always have and always will.

Happy VD!!


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