Friday, November 16, 2007

See Ya!

OK, it's time to go to Disney World.

We're leaving tomorrow so any of you that want to come over to the house and take stuff off the front porch, now's your time.

But don't go inside, the dog will eat your ass.

We are taking the family vacation and we're looking forward to a good time to be had by all and praying that no one kills anyone.

The littlest and cutest one has never flown, so she is very excited. Little does she know that the reason we are flying is because the rest of us voted and decided that there was no way we could keep her chatterbox quiet enough to drive to Orlando!

But all will be well.

I'll make sure of it.

It's what I do!!!

So Happy Thanksgiving to you all and we'll check in later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dog won't eat your ass, not if you have a little person with you saying, "Come here Sadie. I want to give you a hug." Then the dog just runs away and tries to hide. I hope that ya'll have fun. Love ya'll, AJ

1:40 PM  

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