Monday, August 23, 2010

If "It" Makes You Happy...."It Can't Be That Bad.....

Spent an awesome weekend in Memphis with my wife and a couple of my girlfriends......

Miss Colby Calliet and Miss Sheryl Crow - both apparently looking for men in all the wrong places because they don't have any.

As for me, well, I've got all I can handle so I told them both "no"!

But the concert they put on was quite amazing. We had a blast dancing, singing but not so much fun sweating.

Outdoor amphitheaters sound great, and I'm sure they are in the proper climate, but on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River in August....well, that's just way too damn hot for any fun whatsoever!

But we made it through with the help of much beer and water!

So what if we were "glistening" just a bit when it was over.....

Actually, we had to peel all of our clothes off when we got back to the hotel because we were both just "ringing wet" (as my grandmother used to say!).

And speaking of hotels, we staying in the Madison Hotel in Memphis and it was just amazing! It used to be an old bank and it was 17 stories tall with a outside deck and bar on the very top with an amazing view of the city and the river.

Each floor had maybe 8 rooms on them which made for some extremely personel service that was great in this day and age of cost cutting. We will go back!

We also had fun with my lawyer and my stock broker and their assorted women.

It was just a good trip all around and if you get a chance to see Sheryl Crow on her current tour, I would highly advise it because she is rocking hard for a 48 year old chick!!



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