Monday, April 30, 2007

Dog Tired But Very Hopeful.

Wow, an entire weekend of amazing things.

First of all, my love came home. Yea for me!

But most importantly, her daddy has responded very well to the medicine for his heart. They even moved him out of ICU yesterday and put him in a room. Actually, it's a suite. Guess it's good to know the adminstrator of the hospital..........

Anyway, they are going to be able to do the heart surgery tomorrow and hopefully fix his bad ticker. Oh, I pray that they do.

His pressure on his bad valve was somewhere around 90/45 when he went it and the doctor had no confidence that they could get it down anywhere near normal (which is 28/14). But after 24 hours on the "super medicine" his pressure was 28/15.

So we've gone from not looking too good to looking really good. I'm very happy.

But while they were hospital sitting I was having to clean out my mother's apartment. I have to be out of it today so I'm about to go finish cleaning up. I FINALLY got everything packed up and moved but I'm very, very tired. Too much work for this back that is still healing.

But you have to do what you have to do - so I press onward.

My girl is still sick. She's been under the weather for a week now and I'm ready for her to be well. Hopefully a sucessful surgery will speed things along with her as well - even though all she'll be doing is waiting. I know how stress can effect the body. Oh yea, I know that one well.

So please pray for my baby's father's heart. And if you want to throw any in for peace of mind, please do that as well.

I believe. And because I believe I ask.

So peace be with you.........


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