Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shoot at me Asshole

Been thinking about the shooting at Virginia Tech. Wondering what kind of person could do something like that -
And then I watch the interviews with the guy's "suitemates" and think to myself - "that's the kind of guy that would do that".
If anyone ever needed Prozac of one of those depression drugs, it was this guy.
Seemed crazy as a loon and had apparently been crazy for years and yet, there he was - all disconnected from reality and living in a place a beautiful as Blacksburg, VA.
Which is, by the way, one of the most beautiful places in the contiguous lower 48.
I can understand rage. We've all felt it. But there is something inside of us that lets most of us deal with it and finally discard it as we mature. What is it that drives people without that certain something?
I mean, seriously, is it just crazy - or is it something else?
I guess there are somethings that will forever be unanswered.
I watched a show on Germany in the early 30's last night (love the History Channel!) which told exactly how the Germans came to the point where they felt it was OK to kill all the Jews. And I mean, not just the Ghestapo or the SS, but ordinary people. And the logical side of my brain hears what they say but my heart screams "NO" - how can you justify killing anyone that is just living thier lives. How can hatred and intollerance come to dominate someone's way of thinking?
One thing's for sure - they couldnt' blame it on violent video games in the 30's!!!
So I will pray for the victims - and especially for the troubled soul that did all this. But in the meantime, I will carry my loaded pistol within reach - just in case that ever comes to close to home and becomes an non-academic question...........


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Had the university not acted above the law and outside of the Constitution by banning even legally possessed firearms, this may have been an academic exercise.

Evil exists. We should not live in fear, but be prepared.



3:35 PM  
Blogger Keith Kennedy said...

That's why I have a loaded one close by at all times,

Thanks for the comment Sid.

8:16 AM  

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