Friday, June 23, 2006

Lucky Boy

We live in deeds, not years.

We exist by thoughts, not breaths.

We love in feelings, not by numbers.

We should count the time by heartbeats.

I think of all the stuff that used to be important to me and I wonder what happened to that guy. Where did he go? Is it time or experience that teaches us that our “ideals” may be overstated?

These are the questions that pull at me when I lay down at night.

How I left those “ambitions” are still a mystery. I suppose that technically I rose to my heights in an orderly progression. But the truth is that I am still doing the same job I was hired to do right out of college. It’s just that instead of having 4 people working for me as I did then, that I now have 100+ that have to call me daddy.

So was it luck? Was it fate? If so, how did it happen when I wasn’t paying attention?

Anyway, I am blessed. In so many ways. I have a great job, that, like all jobs, has the ability to drive me freakin’ crazy. But it really is a great job.

We live in an amazing place where values still exist and we have the ability to do what we want. Be who we want. Experience what we want.

Yes my friends, life is very good.

And I am a lucky boy.



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