Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Babies and Easter

We did the obligatory Family Reunion (in-laws and out-laws) this past Saturday for Easter and I took my grand-youngun's!!

A good time was had by all - even though Drew kept punching old men in the nuts for some reason!?

The food was plentiful, the relatives all behaved (thanks to copious amounts of Jack Daniels and coke) and it was a fine event.

I'm so sorry to myself for not posting here - the BLOG was a great idea to store stuff for future perusal - but it seems that facebook took that part of life over.

I'll still check in here every so often so I will be able to retain what I have but I'm pretty sure the days of laying my life out for myself and posting my thoughts are simply part of the "old world"

Either way, if you're here - thanks for checking in..........if you're not, I'll bet you're on facebook too!!!