Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas At Last!!!

“Had a Holly Jolly Christmas and it brought me much good cheer. Oh by Golly had a Holly Jolly Christmas, this year!”

So how was yours?

Did you get all you wanted or were you left wishing that you had that one more thing that would make your life perfect……….

That gift really doesn’t exist, you know.

The ability to have a perfect life comes from within and has everything to do with the ability of each of us to accept who we are and to be able to be happy with all of that…………stuff that goes with it. To be able to accept the “baggage” and be, if not happy, at least OK with it.

I personally had the most wonderful Christmas ever. I think the only time I felt more joy at Christmas was the time I got my son a dog when he was five years old and saw the look on his face as that puppy ran towards him and jumped on him, licking and humping as only dogs can do.

But this one was so very satisfying. To be with the woman I love and watch her as the joy of the season came over her. To witness the joy of a family reunited for the holidays and to see how wonderful it truly is just to be together.

And besides, after proclaiming that I got the best Christmas present ever for my girl, it just had to be good.

But I need to set the scene…………….

As we get older, we get more and more “stretched out of shape” which causes come concern and consternation. I’m sure that many of you are aware of this phenomenon by now. So after a good year of trying to find some way to exercise within the confines of a busy life and failing time and time again, I decided to take matters into my own hands – so I did the unthinkable: I bought a rowing machine for Christmas. Not a Sears rowing machine that folds up neatly under the bed but a big commercial Concept II Ergometer just like the ones in the gym. And to augment this process so we could measure our results I got a new set of scales – really good ones.

So by now, the girls reading this are understanding what’s happening and the boys are still confused.

So let me tell you how it works – you never, ever get a girl something for Christmas or any other occasion that even remotely has anything to do with her weight. It just isn’t done.

But I had an ace in the hole and I really need to get back in shape so I just took a chance.

So the huge, commercial rowing machine was under the tree in the morning and when she saw it, she just kind of looked at it. I’m sure she was wondering if that was “the perfect Christmas present” I had talked about.

Of course it wasn’t – but she wasn’t so sure at this point because after all, I am a man which allows me to be extremely stupid at times.

So the next gift she got was the scales. At which point, she announced that she was almost ready to cry.

I still bravely held back.

The next gift she unwrapped was a coffee mug that you plugged in to the cigarette lighter in the car to keep your coffee hot. Now this one broke two rules of gift giving for girls – you don’t buy them anything that plugs in – but worse than that – this was a gift I had given her last year that had sat in the cupboard all year and had never been taken out of the box.

Well, at this point I could see that my sense of humor was only funny to me – because she really was about to cry.

So I quickly moved towards a make-up gift.

And of course, she was mad and initially refused to even open it. But I talked her into it and she unwrapped a most beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet. She finally smiled!!!

It is a great piece of jewelry and I was very proud to give it to her – and that still wasn’t the perfect Christmas gift, but it wasn’t time for that one yet.

So we rocked along and opened the thousands of other gifts that were there for all and enjoyed the joy of children as they tore through all their loot. And finally, when it was almost over, I gave her the small box with the perfect Christmas present in it.

It was a simple letter that said that I was flying her out on Saturday to Los Angeles and taking her to see her favorite performer, Lyle Lovett, in a New Years Eve concert in downtown L.A.


All was forgiven.

The rowing machine was put in the garage.

Happy Days were here again.

I am happy to report that after everyone left the house that morning – well, let’s just say that Christmas was very, VERY happy for this boy and that’s all I’m going to say about that!!!

So as I prepare for a wonderful New Year’s Even, I am praying that your Christmas was as wonderful as mine was and that you got everything you wanted.

Just remember, if you didn’t – there’s always next year!!!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Xmas

As the holiday rapidly approaches, I realize that I have had a wonderful year.

The best of my life.

And that is thanks to a love that makes me feel like the luckiest boy in the world.

My children are both in college and even though there are some weird piercings and many tattoos, they are both doing very well and are not damaged in any way - and they make good grades!

My job is fine, as jobs go. I have it better than most in the world and am thankful for that.

My friends are amazing and there is nothing I would hesitate to ever ask someone to do for me if I needed it because I know it would be done with no strings attached.

I am just thankful for all that I am and all that I have.

So as the Christmas season approaches and all of us are able to take stock of our lives, I pray that you find the best in your life and hang on to them and then find those things that you want to make better and find the courage within yourself to be the change you want to see.

So God Bless you and yours and may your stockings be full!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Finished with your Christmas shopping?

I’m about through – but not quite. I’d lose my membership card to the “man club” if I were to get finished too long before Christmas Eve.

So technically, I still have until Sunday to finish.

And yes, I still have the most amazing Christmas present for my girl and she has no idea.

I love me sometimes!

I’m still stuck on my daughter. I’ve got my son taken care of but girls are just harder. I imagine I’ll just give up and give her a fist full of dollars and then we’ll both feel better.

But, as always, the season is full of wonderful things that are not related to buying anything. My friend Kim is cancer free and my friend Samantha is going to have a baby!!!

And both of those things are wonderful and miraculous.

Although, Sam doesn’t realize that she will be very, very pregnant in August in Mississippi where the temperatures hover around 110 every day. But she’s young and she’ll learn. It only takes one time to learn that lesson!

But I am looking forward to seeing family and friends over the holidays and will spend time in reflection of how things went this past year and what, if anything I need to do differently for the next year.

I believe in beginnings and endings and try to use those things to my advantage. There’s nothing like a new year to prompt you to be resolute in your thoughts and actions. Even though history tells us that these things rarely last – at least you get points for trying.

So anyway, my wish is for each of you to find the happiness that you deserve and to be thankful for what you have and try harder for those things you want to have but are just beyond your grasp.

There’s no time like right now to start.

So get busy.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Saints are Comin'........

Wow, I just spent an amazing time in Dallas, Tex-ass. We went to see our New Orleans Saints take on the Cowboys in a battle for the #2 spot in the NFC (since Da Bears seem to have #1 all locked up).

Stayed at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and I can honestly say that as much as I have traveled all over the world, I have never seen anything like this place. Go find Gaylord Hotels on the internet and take a look at this place. It's amazing. There were live raindeer running around - Santa's on trains - Naked girls on poles. Well, maybe not the last one.

But it was amazing. We went with some Cowboys fans who presented us with Cowboys clothing so we wouldn't get beat up. Since I used to live in Texas and used to love the Cowboys of Roger Staubach's day, I was OK with that. My girl was not so much - but she loves me and she wore it anyway.

We tailgated with a great band and the liquor was flowing and everyone was in a very festive mood. There were thousands of Saints fans there which always adds lots of spice to the gumbo.

I had asked her to behave at the game and she did great.

Right up till the opening kick off.

Then she was on her feet and I'm sure everyone was wondering what the rabid Saints fan was doing dressed up like a Cowgirl!!!

Anyway, the Saints beat the Cowboys in a Sunday night game 42-17 and of all the pro games I have ever seen, the only butt whupin' I've seen worse was two Super Bowls I saw in New Orleans when the Bears beat the Patriots by a score that was not indicitive of the butt whupin' the Bears handed out and the one where 49ers beat the Broncos 55-10 when Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were in a zone I've never seen before or since.

But this game was total domination in every phase of the game and we just sat there in disbelief. As Saints fans, we have grown accustomed to being historically optimistic and then being crushed for no apparent reason. But this team is different. This Drew Brees guy is amazing and I'm still trying to figure out why San Diego let him go. He has great command of the offense and can flat out throw the ball down the field.

Anyway, going away with the woman you love is amazing in and of itself. But to throw in a game that was great and staying in a hotel that blew my mind - well, it was a good weekend.

I hope yours way too.


Friday, December 08, 2006


It was 15 degrees this morning in South Mississippi. We don't do that here. We are not equipped to deal with this kind of weather. We live within walking distance of the ocean because it's warm. We don't have seasons so much as we just have variations of the high temperature going from 105 to 75.

This 15 is a pain in my ass and makes for some very cold toes.

Taking my Love to Dallas this weekend for the Saints and Cowboys game. Very much looking forward to this trip. It's always good to get away and when you can get away with the one you love, well, it's just the bomb.

So be well, pray for your enemies, hug your friends and be happy.

I sure am.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Natural Male Enhancement?

I’ve been very busy – year end inventory at work. Christmas shopping. You know, all the fun stuff this time of year brings. So I apologize for not posting, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day.

Life is full of so many questions and I don’t even know where to start – but I do have one burning question that I need help with.

What the hell does Enzyte do? Why is that Bob guy smiling? This product says it is for “natural male enhancement”? Does anyone know what that means? Does it make it hard or does it make it bigger?

I’m so confused.

And I know, that in life’s questions, that one may be down the list a ways, but I just saw one this morning and it was on my mind.

Strange things, these minds we have.


Peace be with you.