Monday, December 28, 2009

hotness defined!

We had a blast at the USM bowl game!!
Or at least at Coyote Ugly........

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I get THE question all the time........."what do you want for Christmas"?

It's a valid question but the truth is that I don't want anything I don't already have.

I realize that I live a most blessed life. Things that I want, I get.

But it is the important stuff that matters most to me.......and those are things that you have and just can't buy in a store.

- a smile on her face
- laughter in the house
- the joy of my children
- satisfied people eating at my table
- more friends than any one person deserves

Oh I've got it all and really can't even imagine wanting anything else.

But if I had to is my answer:

All I want for Christmas is to help more people than I have hurt.

That puts Karma on my side.

I hope that your holiday season is amazing and I pray that all the blessings of life are yours.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Love My Wife.....

We had an amazing church service this morning. Our music was right on and I felt good and oh so right to be up there with a microphone shoved in my face today.

Not awkward feeling as it ususally is when I'm up there surrounded by all the professional singers and musicians we have.

It was simply good church and I was so blessed to be up there helping to lead it today!

But in general, I can say without resevation that I love the Christmas season, and not for the usual reasons.

It's not the parties, the presents, the family time or even the time off from work.

Nope, it's because this is the only time of the year when we are not only expectant (which is one of my favorite emotions but not the topic of the's the only time of year that we get to see joy personified.

I love joy!

Whether it is the boundless joy of a child with their eyes all aglow (sorry to borrow that phrase from a song but I'm just full of music today!) or if it's just that we, as adults, are "allowed" to be happier and more carefree.

The worries of the "normal" world do not seem to encroach so boldly into our lives this time of year. We can put aside all the shit that we have to deal with normally - or if we don't set it aside, we can at least put in far enough in the background where it doesn't seem to bother us as much!

The preacher said today (and I've heard my father tell me this a hundred times as well) that happiness is caused by stuff around us - much of it is dependent of our circumstances being the way we WANT them to be, but joy, oh joy is different.

Joy is pure, joy is amazing, joy comes from the knowledge that all is right with the world...........and no matter what our current circumstances are, joy can be right there with us.

Which brings me back full circle to the title of this here weblog....


I accept my wife for who she is and love her for that. I have never tried in any way to make her into the person I want her to be.........which may be because I love her for who she is but I'm not even going down that cul-de-sac.

That may not sound like much - but the truth is that it is THE most important aspect of my relationship with her.

As a young(er) man, like all men......I set out to make the world in my image. To make the circumstances fit where I wanted them to go.

I was "in charge".

And like most people in charge, I soon found out that the world would not ever seem to cooperate with me and do what I wanted it to do.

That's very frustrating!

You get to a place in life where you think you know what it is supposed to be like and then you just find that, damnit, it's not like it's supposed to be (or at least it's not like I WANTED it to be).

And that's what makes the frustration grow!

When frustration grows, it doesn't take long for it to metamorphasize into resentment.

And resentment is the enemy. It is the one thing that once it creeps in, it's very difficult to root it out........

It's true in all aspects of our lives - our jobs, our children, our pets, our extra-curricular activities, our name it and I can show you where unmet expectations made something that should have been good turn into something that it wasn't supposed to be.

And in my prior life, I felt much resentment. I knew I shouldn't - but alas, I did.

I knew exactly where that came from but knowing the answer isn't an answer at all in this situation.

So I changed the circumstances yet again.

But this time, it was so very different. Night and Day kind of different.

I found a woman to love and love her I do! She changed not only the game, but the entire rules of the game.

As a matter of fact, it's not even a game anymore.

I simply call it life.

And my life is so good......

It's so good because I love my wife. I love her for who she is and there is not one thing I would want to change about her!

Do we agree on everything - hell no!

Are we alike - hell, hell no!

Does she agree with me - hahahaha hell no!!

But none of that matters to me anymore.

I simply love her for who she is.

And I realize that most of you that will read this will go "duh, we all know that, you make us sick with this shit all day long"!

And the reason you all know that is because it's very evident that I'm absolutely crazy in love with this woman.

But the point of all that is that I'm not in love with her because she does what I want her to do when I want her to do it and in the manner in which I want it done - nope, it's that way simply because I love her and whatever she brings to me at that very moment.

And that is so liberating for me.

I don't have to "fix" anything. It's just the way it is.

And that my friends, that is joy!

So find your joy today. And be thankful.

Oh yes, it is well with my soul.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh Those Saints!

Some folks are wondering why the hell it snowed in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend.

Well, I can tell you for sure after watching the Saints play Sunday afternoon - it is already snowing in Hell......and I've even got the picture to prove it!

If this keeps up, then right around the first of February, during Superbowl weekend - I think we will be able to safely assume that hell has indeed, FROZEN OVER!


December 7, 1941

Infamy, Still To This Day!

Today is the anniversary of the jap sneak attack on the United States....... totally devistated our navy and without our incredible industrial might, we would have probably been knocked out of the fight before it started!

I lost a few cousins in that raid - but since it was almost 20 years before I was born, the only existed to me in black and white pictures on my old great aunts buffets.

And every time this day rolls around, I am forced to recognize the cost of freedom and give thanks for all the brave men and women who stand up when needed.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Still Giving Thanks!

I think I'm still full from Thanksgiving.

And that's OK........

I'm hoping my appetite goes completely away anyway. I need to shed some Keith.

Lots of Keith.

It's harder this time. I guess I'm older and my shit don't work as well as it used to.....well, at least some of it doesn't!!

Finding time to get into a routine is so hard. The gym needs to be on my radar but I just can't find the pace to get it done yet.

I'm still looking.

In hopes that I'll find it.

Meanwhile, my mojo goes on.

How's yours?