Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex Way Out In The Country

Well, the day finally arrived.

No, not for me. I really don't care. But my wife has been looking forward to this since she was 16 years old.

Or at least that's how long it feels like she's been excited about this.

So tonight, I get to:

1. Welcome 20 chicks to my house to get all liquored up before going to see this here movie at 9pm.

2. Cook some appetizers, but not too many because my wife hates it when I cook because By God she can cook too and doesn't need my help......................

3. Serve some 420 cosmopolitans and 184 glasses of sangria and no telling how much other stuff.

4. Walk around serving these drinks and appetizers that she has prepared (because I'm not allowed to cook - much) with a sign on my crotch that reads Mr. Big.

Yes Dear Readers, I will be seriously awash in estrogen tonight so if there are prayers within you, please dish them out for me.

I will truly be the lone ranger tonight so I'll take whatever I can get.

But don't feel sorry for me. I may act like I am complaining but seriously, what dude would not pay a hefty cover charge to be the only boy in a house full of girls all dressed up and drunk.

So before you think I'm in need of pity - just know that I'll be like ole Briar Rabbit - "Please don't throw me in that briar patch"....................!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday BBQ?

Anyone do any bbqing over the long weekend? It's an American Tradition, ya know!

I think I did almost nothing on my federal holiday and it was very nice. I planted a few shrubs and did some tinkering with some stuff. I cooked a monster meal for all the children. But other than that, it was a nice day of nothingness.

There is something spiritual about nothingness...........

The thermometer in my shed read 106 degrees at 9:30 Monday morning and the humidity was busting 95%. Most incredibly miserable. Shades of things to come?

Anyway, this week is the big one. Friday night is the Sex in the City party at my house to be attended by who knows how many hormonal women. Or maybe they'll just be regular women - I have no idea.

All I know is that I'll have to stay somewhere out of the way or I'll be in big trouble.

And you know I wouldn't want to be in trouble...........or would I??????????


We'll just have to see. I'm sure I'll get my orders later this week.

I'm sure that there will be pictures.

I'm equally sure I'll probably post some here just for kicks.

And then I'll get in trouble all over again.

what's a boy to do?...............................

Peace Ya'll.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Long, Long Weekend

Is there anything better than a long holiday weekend?

Only getting to spend it with the woman you love!!!

Peace/I'm outta here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Got It!!!

I got a new motorcycle and a driver. Now I can actually quit my job and drive around and play all day long.

Lucky me.

Lucky you!


Graduation rocks. You get to stop doing something and start to think about doing something else.

Never before in anyone's life have things been so wonderful.................

You're through with high school. The very thing that dominated your entire life up to this point. The feeling of relief is amazing and the sense of accomplishment is wonderful.

College is coming - but in kid terms, it's forever away. There is an entire summer before you have to start up with school again. And when you do? Well, it's so much better. You get to go where you want to go when you want to go there. You don't have to see the same schmucks in the hallway each day. You get to see the cute, stuck up bitches get fat!!!

Sorry, personal perspective on the last one.........

But never again in life will you be in this place. This place where you think you are through but in reality, you're only getting started.

This is the place where you won't listen to any advice because the world is your pearl. This is the place where us parents have to trust that we've done a great job so far and some of what we tried to teach you stuck somewhere on the inside.

So Hannah Grace, my sweet child, please enjoy this summer and as many as you can in the future - because at your next graduation, you'll never have the summer off again.

My only advice?

Smell the flowers but don't snort the pollen.

I love you!!!

Though For The Day

Just when you think you've had the worst day you can have - just remember that there is someone somewhere having a much worse day than you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Survived

Well, the birthday "week" is over and all the graduation stuff is over and all the seemingly thousands of things we had to do this weekend went off without a problem in the world and I'm so, so happy to get back to normal.

Whatever normal means!

The birthday was a quiet day. It was kind of the middle day between graduation and the graduation party and we needed to conserve our strength.

Next year we will make it to New Orleans and get away for the birthday celebration.

The beautiful graduate got a new car for graduation - a bright shiny new Honda Civic. I can't wait to see how long it stays clean!!! I think 4 days was the max bet I heard.

We had crawfish and other assorted goodies yesterday afternoon and the party went on until at least midnight. At least, that was when I finally gave in and went to bed. I'm fairly sure that a good time was had by all.

I'm very proud of my graduate. She did a great job in high school and I'm sure that she will continue that path in college. It's always a joy to see how these youngsters grow and mature and it's quite satisfying to have a hand in that as well. The influence we have on our children sometimes seems to be nothing as we look at it during the process. But so much of it sticks and will come back later to their betterment.

I always am sensitive to the fact that growing up is the hardest thing any of us ever do. To finally realize that we have a choice in who we will be and how we will act. It's frightening and exhilarating at the same time. I love free will.

I love that we may feel one way on the inside and want to yell at someone or "prove" our point, but as adults, we can choose to keep that inside and do the right thing. And that is the part that is so hard for the young ones to do. It just seems to fly out of their mouth before their brains and hearts have time to filter it.

So all is well. I love my wife and family and it's a brand new day full of brand new promises.

May we all be so fortuante as to grasp the important things and never lose sight of what really matters in life.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day - Thai Style

Well, we're firmly in the middle of my birthday week. It's Saturday in case any of you have forgotten!!!

And poor little Nicole, 8 years old and so full of life it continually overflows all over the house - doesn't understand one bit why I get an entire week for my birthday.

And I can't really expain it to her where it would make sense. Which got me to thinking........

"Why do I get a week for my birthday"?

The answer is, or course, that I just take it.

It's that simple.

It may be the only thing I will celebrate all year for me so I just take it. And I'm sure I make everyone around me sick with it - but alas, in a life lived as mine has been it's good to take a little every once in a while!

I am very fortunate that my beautiful and wonderful wife plays along. She has gotten me a gift for each day of the week with the most incredible notes - notes that I will save and cherish for all eternity.

I sometimes have to pinch myself when I read these things she writes because it is still beyond my comprehension as to how I "got" this woman.

She is amazingly wonderful and beautiful and sexy and she simply makes my legs turn to jello each and every day. She has no idea that just being with her is all I ever really need in my life and how lucky I feel because I get to do that.

She has no idea that just seeing her sends chills down my spine and they sprial into my nether regions in pulses that make a man feel like a man.

She certainly doesn't understand that I hate going to work simply because she's not there. She thinks all that stuff is silly and I'm a hopeless romantic.

And she may be right. But it's still very, very true.

I live to love this woman and it has made me happier than I ever dared dream I could be.

So tonight I get treated to some wonderful Thai food for my Hump Day Present. But more than that, I'll get an hour of uninterupted conversation looking into the eyes of the woman that makes me so very happy.

So ain't I a lucky birthday boy???


Friday, May 09, 2008


Yep, It's Friday night - Date night.

Anyone got any ideas?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Life's a Beach

Well, we made it.

Nobody got cooked or sloshed.

It was a very nice vacation.

The one thing we all agreed on was that it was way too short. Vacations are addictive!

The beach has a way of pulling you in - no, not into the cold, cold water but into the mindset that life is slow and you don't really have to do anything.

I napped and napped and rested and napped some more. It was luxurious and I loved every moment of it.

It also helps being surrounded by people that you want to be surrounded by.

I have found that one point makes all the difference in the world!

Anyway, we're back to the grind. I was amazed at how "tired" I was yesterday having just come off of 3 days of doing absolutely nothing.

Now I can't wait for the next time!

This coming Saturday, May 10 starts my birthday week. Yes, I get an entire week dedicated to my birthday.

Why you may ask?

Because I was an only child and I get what I want and I want a WHOLE WEEK.

Sure, my birthday is actually the next Saturday on May 17 but the celebration starts the week before. So please feel free to give me things and treat me royally because I deserve it.

It's my birthday week!!!

Hope everyone's is just as much fun as mine - but if not, maybe you don't deserve it.............

So Happy Birthday to ME!!!